Batya Levine

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Batya Levine

Batya Levine (she/her) uses song as a tool for cultivating healing and resilience in her work as a communal song leader, musician, shaliach tzibur (Jewish prayer leader) and cultural organizer. She believes in the liberatory power of song to untie what is bound within us, and sustain us as we build a more just and beautiful world.

Batya is a founding core team member of Let My People Sing! and is a Cultural Organizer with Linke Fligl. She offers song, ritual, and workshops in a variety of communities, and composes original music made of Ashkenazi yearning, queer heart-medicine, and emunah (faith/trust). Batya recently released her first album, Karov. Learn more at

Music by Batya Levine

  • Lecha Dodi
Batya Levine — Lecha Dodi
  • Yismechu
Batya Levine — Yismechu
  • Karov
Batya Levine — Karov
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