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Aly Halpert

Aly Halpert (she/her) is a young adult queer Jewish musician, educator, and activist living on Lenni Lenape land in Philadelphia, PA, USA. A singer, pianist, drummer, and guitar player, Aly writes songs for building community, working for collective liberation, and visioning different worlds. Aly leads music and prayer for Jewish community, including Eden Village Camp, Let My People Sing, Kol Tzedek Synagogue, and Linke Fligl. Her songs have been sung in national gatherings, song circles, and quiet moments of personal prayer, and have moved people all over the world. Aly loves performing and collaborating with musicians such as Batya Levine, Joey Weisenberg, Anat Halevy Hochberg, Molly Bajgot, & Deborah Sacks Mintz. Her first album, Nipple Confusion, has made fans of young people and adults alike. Her first full-band album, Loosen was released in April 2022 with Rising Song Records. Whether her songs are serious or seriously goofy, Aly believes deeply in the power of music to awaken us to the loss and hope we carry, expand our sense of possibility, and connect us to each other and our collective strength.

Music by Aly Halpert

  • Loosen
Aly Halpert — Loosen
  • Achat Sha'alti
Aly Halpert — Achat Sha’alti
  • Modah Ani
Aly Halpert — Modah Ani
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