Ellie Flier

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Ellie Flier

The spirit and purity of Ellie’s voice have moved audiences since she was a child. Now an inspiring performer, cantorial soloist, and songleader based in Nashville, she has found her passion and purpose in writing Jewish music. Listeners can’t help but feel a palpable connection to her songs, whether calling for social justice or rising up in joyous celebration. The songs on her latest album, Pray for Open Eyes, are melodic, catchy and ideal for soloists, songleaders, or congregations.

The wellspring of Ellie’s Jewishness and her passion for social justice run deep. Growing up in Los Angeles in a musical and Jewishly active family, she studied Hebrew liturgy at day school, sang and danced at summer camp and “shul-hopped” across Southern California, becoming conversant with Jewish practice and culture of all movements and stripes. Her background in Hebrew and Judaic studies inspires her poetic interpretations of traditional prayers relevant today.

Music by Ellie Flier

  • Ahavat Olam
Ellie Flier — Ahavat Olam
  • V'ahavta
Ellie Flier — V’ahavta
  • Don't Be Afraid
Ellie Flier — Don’t Be Afraid
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