Gitit Shoval

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Gitit Shoval

Gitit Shoval is one of Israel’s singing treasures. She was catapulted into overnight success at the age of 13, singing in Israel’s Pre-Eurovision contest. Shoval has 7 solo albums, an EP, and 4 multi-platinum albums for kids to her credit. Two of her albums are tribute to the great Mordechai Zeira and Naomi Shemer. Gitit has countless original works by Israel’s leading poets like Ehud Manor, David Avidan, Tzruya Lahav and many more. In addition, Shoval is the Hebrew voice of the iconic cartoon characters of Smurfette, Barbie, and many more. Gitit’s love for spiritual music came from her work as a Cantorial singer, which she began in 2015.

Music by Gitit Shoval

  • Achshav K'var Ken
Gitit Shoval — Achshav K’var Ken
  • B'achad Hayamim
Gitit Shoval — B’achad Hayamim
  • M'chakah L'nisim
Gitit Shoval — M’chakah L’nisim
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