Kol Hai

Kol Hai is a collaboration between Rabbi Shir Yaakov Feit and Renee Finkelstein (aka Radharani). Meaning “all life,” Kol Hai creates beauty by breathing new life into ancient liturgy and practice. Rooted in Jewish and Eastern mystical teachings and a reverence for Hebrew language, Kol Hai melodies and modes are eerily familiar and timeless.

Kol Hai is also a community in New York’s Hudson Valley founded by Shir Yaakov in 2014, offering Shabbat and holiday events, meditation retreats, and life-cycle rituals.

Music by Kol Hai

  • Bechol Dor Vador
Kol Hai — Bechol Dor Vador
  • Ha Lachma Anya
Kol Hai — Ha Lachma Anya
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