Saul Kaye

International touring Artist Saul Kaye is pioneering a new genre of music: JEWISH BLUES. Like his great-grandfather who blazed a trail from Russia to South Africa to trade cattle between warring African Tribes, Saul has brought together the sounds of the struggle of the African Slaves in this country with the history of the Jewish slavery experience. If you can imagine Muddy Waters meets Shlomo Carlebach, you’ve got an artist here who is bringing something new to modern Jewish Music and bridging the gap between the Delta and the Torah. On his latest CD, “Jewish Blues Volume 4,” Kaye digs deep into the Torah and mines the riches of gospel, blues, and soul. Saul has released 10 CDs of his own and produced 5 for other Artists.

Music by Saul Kaye

  • Two Wolves
Saul Kaye — Two Wolves
  • Adon Olam
Saul Kaye — Adon Olam
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