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Shoshana Jedwab

Where You Go by Shoshana Jedwab with subtitles.mp4 from Shoshana Jedwab on Vimeo.

As a child, Shoshana Jedwab would drum on parked cars, plates, tables, books, and other people’s bodies. Shoshana is a percussionist, singer-songwriter, recording artist, worship leader and award-winning Jewish educator. Shoshana’s original, hip-shaking sacred Jewish/World music brings the ancestral past into joyous contemporary practice. Shoshana drums sings and co-leads worship for Romemu, Kirtan Rabbi, Kohenet, and the Isabella Freedman Retreat Center. Whether in concert or in worship, Shoshana offers primal authenticity, scholarly depth, feminism, humor, and sizzling rhythm to her grateful audiences.

The seven songs of Shoshana’s 2016 debut album, “I Remember,” and her 2018 viral single, “Where You Go,” emerged from ceremonies Shoshana was leading, and are now being sung, and danced to, in synagogues and churches, and at weddings and protest marches around the world. In 2017, Shoshana Jedwab was included in Jewish Rock Radio’s Jewish Women Who Rock the Worship World. Shoshana released her single, “Openings,” (Asher Yatzra) in 2020, and will release her bluegrass adaptation, “Torah Orah,” in 2022.

Shoshana Jedwab is also the A.J. Heschel Middle School’s Jewish Life Coordinator, founder of the Makom Drum Circle at the JCC in Manhattan, and founding faculty member at the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. Shoshana Jedwab lives across from Central Park on Lenape land in New York City with her partner, Rabbi Jill Hammer, and their daughter.

Music by Shoshana Jedwab

  • Where You Go
Shoshana Jedwab — Where You Go
  • Openings
Shoshana Jedwab — Openings
  • Praise Elah
Shoshana Jedwab — Praise Elah
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